What’s the difference between an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and a Smart CTEK charger for your EV (electric vehicle)?

An OEM charger is an EV charger made by a car manufacturer for its own range of electric vehicles. The majority of these chargers are what the industry refers to as, “dumb chargers”. They are basic models in the form of a non-networked charger box with an electrical outlet connection. Since they do not have cloud connection features, they cannot be managed or monitored remotely.

2022-09-12 19:13:33

The CTEK CS FREE is the world’s first multi-functional fully portable battery charger

This incredible device combines four cutting-edge products into one sleek, portable unit. As a combined Adaptive Booster, battery charger, smart maintainer, and high-tech power bank, the CTEK CS Free has all you want in a charger without the fuss and complications. 

2022-08-14 19:16:35

Questions & considerations on solar installation and power generation

Since the start of load shedding in April 2008, South Africa has been facing a steadily worsening energy crisis. Originally planned for maintenance, the ongoing energy crisis has pushed load shedding to Stage 6 levels in winter 2022. This is inhibiting business, further depreciating South Africa’s economy. 

2022-07-20 19:19:50

Enertec brings you the fastest-growing technology in batteries: Lithium-Ion

Lithium-ion batteries are an advanced energy solution using lithium ions as a key component of their cell structure. With a wide range of variations when it comes to application use, from small devices such as cellphones to massive industrial backup systems, these batteries have taken many industries by storm.

2022-07-13 19:23:09

Enertec elaborates on why lithium ion technology was developed

The fast pace of technological growth over the last century has often been held back by the battery technology available at the time. This makes sense because devices can only be as small and efficient as the batteries that sustain them.

2022-06-15 19:25:22

The battery business in South Africa is big, with numerous brands competing for market share

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the South African battery market is projected to grow at a rate of more than 8% over the period between 2022 and 2027. The lithium market in particular, for a range of applications: including automotive, commercial, household, marine and leisure, and solar back-up; is anticipated to boom over the coming years.

2022-04-13 19:27:32

Enertec Battery Accessories and Spare Parts

Essential for the maintenance and top performance of all battery brands from car batteries to marine batteries. Enertec supplies a wide range of battery accessories: from testers and terminals to battery clips and charger boxes for immediate solutions to maintaining battery performance.

2022-02-23 19:30:05

Solar Batteries at Enertec (PTY) LTD

With the high demands made on batteries in renewable energy applications, one needs to be sure that the correct battery is utilised for reliable performance and maximum battery life for the application requirement.

2021-12-24 08:21:25

Household Batteries at Enertec

Enertec supplies a leading brand, Energizer batteries, that power just about every household commodity. Batteries are a vital part of most households’ day-to-day functioning of powered appliances, devices, gadgets and so many more. And even more so, when main power supplies get shut off. 

2021-12-11 19:35:56

ENERTEC Website Glossary of Terminology

ENERTEC Website Glossary of Terminology. A Volt is a unit of measurement of electromotive force, expressing the electric tension or the difference in charge between two points. The symbol for Voltage is V.

2021-12-11 19:32:24