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Discover FAQ'S

Can I use any charger on Discover batteries?

Can I charge my discover battery with a vehicle alternator?

Can a discover battery start my vehicle?

What are the advantages of Discover Batteries versus other batteries?

What defines a Deep Cycle Battery?

What are the advantages of Discover Batteries versus other batteries?

Can Discover Batteries safely be used inverted or on their side?

Solar FAQ'S

What is the Homaya Solar Hybrid System?

How can the system size be calculated from the requirements of the customer?

What is the maximum solar panel wattage that can be connected to the SHyS?

What happens if more solar panel is connected to the SHyS that the mentioned size?

What are the recommended battery sizes for the Homaya Solar Hybrid System?

What are the safety protections available with the Homaya Solar Hybrid System?

What are the safety features associated with the AC resettable fuse?

What is the purpose of the DC fuse provided inside the Homaya Hybrid system?

What is the overload handling capability of the Homaya Solar Hybrid System?

What is the power factor of both the Solar Hybrid System?

What is the IP rating of the Solar Hybrid System? Can it be used in the outdoor? condition?

Can the Homaya SHyS charge only the lead acid batteries?

What is the DC current available with the Homaya SHyS 850VA & 1500VA model?

What happens if one connects a 12V battery to the 1500VA model?

What happens if one connects a 24V battery to the 850VA model?

Can the product be used in small ships & coastal area? Is there any chance of corrosion?

What is the warranty of the product provided?

What are the necessary corrective steps to be taken for battery maintenance?

What if solar panel polarities are reversed?

How to reset AC fuse?

Megatank FAQ'S

1. Can they be stacked to create a bigger capacity?

2. How many batteries can be connected?

3. How many hours can these systems run a house?

4. What are the certifications on the products?

5. What are the safety features of the products?

6. How many times do I need to charge my batteries a day?

7. How long does it take to charge the batteries?

8. Is there lighting protection included in your all-in-one systems?

9. How to set up the operating parameters of your all-in-one systems if there is no internet in my area

10. What is ESS (Energy Storage Solution)?

11. How does an ESS work?

12. Why is it important to store your own generated energy?

13. Can I become completely independent off the grid with a GE device?

14. In the event of a power failure, can I still supply my home with energy?

15. What are the application and advantages of the energy-storage solution?

16. Is it okay to connect PV modules with different capacities with two different strings of GE series?

17. What is the noise level of GE Series ESS?

18. What's the difference between KW and kWh?

19. What's the life expectancy of the GL series battery?

20. How long will my GL series battery last?

21. What difference will a GL series battery make to my energy bill?

22. Will my battery's performance deteriorate over time?

23. Will I have power during a blackout?

24. How long does the installation take?

25. How long is the warranty?

1. Can I leave the charger connected to the battery for a long time?

2. What charger is suitable for my vehicle?

3. Can I charge my vehicle through the 12 V (cig) socket?

4. Can I use a smaller or bigger charger than recommended for my battery?

5. The CTEK manual says: ”Connect the black clamp to the vehicle chassis remote from the fuel pipe and the battery". In the picture next to this, the black clamp is connected to the battery's negative pole. Which is correct?

6. Can I charge the battery without removing it from the vehicle, or opening the caps?

7. My charger never goes further than the float (first green) level.

8. My charger gets very warm – is this normal?

9. My charger will not start charging – is it broken?

10. Can I charge Lithium batteries with a regular CTEK charger and ordinary batteries with a Lithium charger?

General FAQ'S

Do my batteries have to be stored on a wooden pallet?

Can I use the same charger on a car battery, motorcycle battery and a sealed AGM battery?

My battery will not accept a charge?

Can I leave the charger permanently connected to a battery which has a continuous load (E.G. Standby radio, electric fence)

What is the correct charging voltage?

My battery keeps going flat and will not hold a charge?

Can I use any battery in any application?

Can any battery be used in solar applications?

How long will my battery last?

Should batteries be “used” discharged fully and then recharged to overcome the “memory effect”?

I have not used my battery for two years and now it will not work anymore?

I only have a little LED light on my battery and the run time is getting less and less?

Can I tap one battery for my two-way radio, cell phone charger or TV on my 24-volt system?

My battery has a dead cell as the voltage is only 8 volts?

My battery is 12 volts but has no power?

My battery is 13.2 volts and has no power?

My battery has exploded – there must have been a dead short?

I have a 24-volt Golf cart. The batteries are one year old. Can I just replace the one battery?

I have a 36-volt golf cart (6 x 6volt batteries is series). If one battery fails can juts replace the one battery?

I have a 24-volt system and one battery has failed. Can I just replace the one battery?