A Golf Cart and Wheelchair Battery Supplier

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10th Sep, 2020

One may think that a golf cart and an electric wheelchair do not share anything in common, but the reality is that both of them are used for transport and share a common key component which is a battery.

Batteries for electric wheelchairs and golf carts perform a similar role and can possibly be used interchangeably. That is why it makes sense to discuss them together.

Enertec is a diligent supplier of golf cart and wheelchair batteries in South Africa. We understand that there are various dealers interested in learning more about them. With that in mind, we will address some of their queries by providing a brief description of these batteries, their application and the appropriate criteria for selecting golf cart and wheelchair battery suppliers.

A golf cart battery is a deep cycle battery which is used as the energy source to drive the golf cart. The golf cart does not have a combustion engine as it doesn’t need to travel at high speeds, so it operates as an electric vehicle (EV).  The battery provides a stable current to the golf cart which allows it to move at a steady speed. Since golf carts are mostly used for commercial use and sports, they need to be recharged frequently so that they can be used by customers and professionals to play their sport. The golf cart battery is not permanently damaged by deeper depth of discharge so it can provide service for longer durations.

While hand-driven wheelchairs are still used, the modern wheelchair has an electric motor which allows the patient to navigate the wheelchair themselves using the controls present on it. A wheelchair battery is similar to a golf cart battery but its application can be considered to be more important in some ways. While the golf cart is used for a leisure activity, a wheelchair is essential for someone who is physically disabled, either permanently or temporarily. Therefore, reliability of wheelchair batteries is significantly more important, as it could hamper the movement of such individuals. Wheelchair batteries should be hazard-free. This means they should have little to no chances of possible leakages of fluids such as sulfuric acid used in Lead acid batteries. In the event of a leakage, it could harm the person using the wheelchair.

Professional records of the supplier are important when it comes to both wheelchair and golf cart batteries. One can see which golfing clubs and hospitals make use of the batteries provided by this particular supplier. If their reputation is good, then it is a good indicator that the supplier understands the needs of this niche. Apart from the goodwill among existing customers, a dealer should verify if the supplier has high quality products priced within reasonable margins. They should also be committed to their social responsibility. This is especially important for wheelchair batteries as they play a role in human welfare.