A Motorcycle Battery Supplier

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10th Sep, 2020

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation. They are used by enthusiasts and everyday travelers alike. In fact, their extensive use in motorsport is a testament to their popularity. While you may find different types of motorcycles; batteries are something that they all have in common. Enertec operates in this domain and is a proud supplier of motorcycle batteries in South Africa. Before starting sales of motorcycle batteries, dealers need to be given a general introduction to the subject. This would include a general description of motorcycle batteries, their applications and what one needs to look for in a good motorcycle battery supplier.

A motorcycle battery falls under the starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) category of batteries. This means that it is responsible for providing a high current at the time of starting the motorcycle. I, it also powers various electronics of the motorcycle such as the lights and digital meters. The battery is recharged by the alternator when the motorcycle is being driven.  There are additional features needed for motorcycle batteries. They should be lightweight, as a heavier battery would increase the fuel consumption of the motorcycle and reduce its top speed. The battery should not have any overheating issues as it could lead to a roadside breakdown of the motorcycle.

The batteries need to be used in a wide range of motorcycles. The everyday motorcycle has relatively low requirements, as its purpose is to provide utility and reliability rather than speed and power. As you progress towards heavier motorcycles, the need for power from the battery increases. It varies with regards to the type of terrain and conditions the motorcycle would be used in. For instance, a dirt motorcycle has to deal with a lot of dust so the battery should not be adversely affected by dust particles in the atmosphere. Power is priority for heavy motorcycles that are used on tarmac. Most modern motorcycles use Lithium ion batteries, because of their light weight and substantially longer lifespan. Both these factors contribute to improving the experience of riding a motorcycle.

The supplier should possess the necessary knowledge about motorcycle batteries. While they are similar to automotive batteries in some ways a knowledgeable supplier should be able to make the distinction between dirt-bike and on-road motorcycle, quad bike and car batteries. Furthermore, the supplier should have different products related to motorcycle batteries available in their stock. These include items such as battery chargers and battery testers. This makes it easier for dealers to diversify their stock with products that are supplementary to one another. Apart from these specific points, one must look out for the general positive qualities that any supplier of any value should offer. This could include providing top quality products at reasonable rates while sticking to promised delivery schedules.