A Scrubber/Scissor Lift Battery Supplier

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10th Sep, 2020

Batteries are a key part of maintenance equipment and devices. Among the two common pieces of such equipment used for cleaning and maintenance are floor scrubbers and scissor lifts. Although both are unique devices, their batteries are often grouped together. This is done because of the fact that they are often bought by the same clients who make use of both scissor lifts and scrubbers. Enertec does not ignore this specific need of batteries and remains a prominent scrubber and scissor lift battery supplier in South Africa. We feel dealers may need to learn about these batteries too. That is why we will highlight some of their defining features, their usage and how one can determine the reliability of the scrubber and scissor lift battery supplier.

A scrubber battery needs to be deep cycle in nature with a relatively long battery life. This is because the scrubber needs to be recharged after it runs out of power and, if the battery is not a deep cycle battery then it can result in permanent damage after recharging a few times. The long battery life would ensure that there would be less interruptions for recharging the battery during the cleaning shifts. For the smooth operation of the scrubber, the battery should provide a stable and steady current.

A scissor lift battery is also a deep cycle product. The voltage rating ranges from 6V to 48V depending on the size and weight limit of the lift. It makes sense to go for a higher voltage if the use of the lift is frequent. Generally speaking, a scissor lift battery needs to be reliable and long lasting.  This is because the lift is often used to take technicians, cleaners and other staff to high altitudes to perform their duties. A failure of the battery can be problematic and even fatal in some cases. On average, a good quality scissor lift battery can last 5-6 years if proper care and maintenance is done.

There are certain key features to look out for when picking a supplier for scrubber and scissor lift batteries. The first thing to see is whether the supplier is affiliated with any leading brand that manufactures scissor lifts and scrubbers. This is important because it shows that the supplier would offer the OEM batteries for scrubbers and scissor lifts. Such batteries are specifically designed for these applications and produce the best possible results. Ideally, you would want to select a supplier that has OEM batteries for multiple leading brands. This allows the dealer to increase their customer base, as more clients would prefer to buy top-of-the-line batteries which are best suited for their equipment. Apart from these specific features, the supplier should follow good business practices which include quality assurance standards and social responsibility. If most of the attributes of the supplier are positive then one should not hesitate in conducting business with them.