A Stop/Start Vehicle Battery Supplier

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10th Sep, 2020

Stop/start vehicles are relatively unique in the world of automobiles. They make use of a technology that switches off the engine during idle times in order to minimize fuel consumption. Such vehicles can be both hybrid electric vehicles and conventional fuel based vehicles. Since they have an additional mechanism, their battery is different from the common automotive battery. Enertec is a stop/start vehicle battery supplier in South Africa and wishes to create awareness about them among dealers. Starting off with a brief description of the battery, we would also look at their application and some of the key features of a good stop/start vehicle battery supplier.

In essence, the batteries used in stop/start vehicles are still starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) batteries. However, due to the start/stop mechanism, the usual Lead acid batteries may not work at their optimum level. This is because the stop/start system battery needs to provide the starting current more frequently, accept charge faster and requires a deeper depth of discharge to prevent any permanent damage. To understand this further, let us look at the how the stop/start system works in a manual transmission car.

When the car is idle, press and hold the clutch. While doing so, put the car in neutral. This would stop the internal combustion engine. That is why it is recommended to use either enhanced flooded batteries (EFB) or absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries as they could withstand the frequent starts and stops. Furthermore, since the recharging from the alternator would be less frequent, they can get discharged to deeper depth of discharge without any significant harm to the battery itself.

The purpose of the stop/start battery is to facilitate the use of stop/start vehicles. The rationale given for using such vehicles comes down to cost savings and environmental protection. These batteries subsequently help reduce fuel consumption of the car when its idle. With the number of cars on the road increasing every year, traffic jams have become a frequent occurrence. This means that our cars are spending longer periods of time in the idle state so, fuel can be saved if the engines switch off. This not only brings monetary benefits but is an eco-friendly option as well. Once the engine switches off, the emissions produced in idle state can be reduced and can have a positive impact in lowering the presence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

When selecting a supplier for stop/start vehicle batteries, make sure that they are familiar with the battery requirements of stop/start vehicles.  A good way to check this is to reach out to their customer support representatives and ask queries related to the topic. If their answers are satisfactory then you can be confident of their services. This type of interaction would also help in gauging the ease of doing business with the supplier and assessing whether they would be a good cultural fit with your own business.