A Truck, Earth Moving and Mining Equipment Battery Supplier

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10th Sep, 2020

Batteries are an essential requirement for the heavy equipment used in many industries.  Whether it be mining or construction, such ventures are carried out in harsh conditions on a large scale. As a result, large batteries which are rugged and durable in nature are required. Enertec understands that the stakes are quite high in Mega-projects and prides itself as a top of the line car, truck, earth moving and mining equipment battery supplier in South Africa. That is why it makes sense to convey the relevant details regarding such batteries. The description of these batteries, their use and, determining their suppliers are some important pieces of information.

In a truck, the battery serves a similar purpose to that of a standard automotive battery. It is also a starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) battery. In other words, it offers a large burst of current required to start the engine when the ignition key is turned. It also powers the electronic components of the truck such as the radio. The battery is recharged by an alternator when the truck is being driven. That being said, truck batteries are different from the usual car batteries. For instance, they normally have a higher Voltage starting-system rating which is 24V instead of 12V. They are required to be more rugged and tougher than car batteries because the vibration and heat in a truck’s engine are greater.

Earth moving equipment involves of heavy duty vehicles. They include bulldozers, excavators and various types of loaders. The role of the battery here is fairly similar to its role in trucks, however the battery needs to be more rugged and of higher voltage. Mining equipment, which includes trolley lifts and drilling equipment, often makes use of traction batteries. Traction batteries serve as the power source for the equipment, which provides a steady current over an extended period of time to facilitate its operation. This is in contrast with the role that SLI batteries play in heavy duty vehicles which may also be involved in the mining process.

Truck batteries are often used in delivery trucks and repair pickups. Therefore, they need to be capable of dealing with harsh terrains under extreme conditions, and a lot of stop-start driving.

The same applies to batteries of earth moving vehicles which are usually used in construction sites. Mining batteries also operate in high temperature environments when mining for minerals and earth ores. Overall, all three categories of batteries need to be robust to withstand challenging conditions with minimal chances of failure.

When selecting a supplier for truck, earth moving and mining batteries, a strong portfolio of Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M’s) and clients is a good criterion for selection. It indicates that the supplier has a proven track record of providing batteries that perform well under challenging circumstances. Furthermore, accessibility and flexibility of the supplier in terms of transactions and order fulfillment is also highly important. If these factors are considered during the selection process then, in all likelihood, one can end up with a good truck, earth moving and mining battery supplier.