Agricultural Machinery Chargers

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10th Oct, 2020

The role of batteries is quite vast in our everyday lives. While we use batteries in our cars and electronics, their role is quite significant when it comes to different industrial sectors.

One example of a sector dependent on batteries is agriculture. Modern farming equipment, such as tractors and other heavy machinery, make use of batteries in order to perform their respective functions.

For the benefit of our vendors who deal with clients belonging to the agriculture sector, we will look at some of the different battery chargers from CTEK along with their relevant accessories that are all designed to keep farming equipment batteries in good shape.

The need for keeping agricultural machinery in running condition is important. There are normally specific timelines that need to be followed for optimum results. Failure to do so causes loss of business. A key element of keeping machinery in functional condition is taking care of the battery.

If the battery is well-maintained, machinery will usually start on the first attempt without any delays. There would be little to no chances of machinery failure or breakdown due to a bad battery. Taking care of the battery means tracking the battery’s lifespan so that corrective action can be taken proactively.

CTEK is a trustworthy name when it comes to chargers for agricultural machinery. The regular use of CTEK chargers with the batteries of your equipment is a recipe for success. The reliability of the machines increases drastically with the help of our CTEK chargers.

They are capable of handling both 12V and 24V batteries. From a user’s perspective, the chargers are automatic which makes them easy to use for both charging and maintenance purposes. They come with a host a modes that facilitate in taking care of a battery’s health. For instance, the SUPPLY mode provides a stable flow of 12V or 24V to equipment during any diagnostic work so that the electronics remain safe from any damage.

We will now briefly look at the different charger options available from CTEK along with their relevant accessories for the agri industry

MXS 10

The follow-up of the MXS 5.0, the MXS 10 is an 8-step charger which supports larger batteries compared to its predecessor. It can provide a charging current of 10A to 12V batteries ranging from 20 to 200 Ah. It can be used to maintain batteries of up to 300 Ah. It comes with a cold weather and Recond program which makes it suitable for dealing with dead batteries. This charger comes with an IP65 rating which certifies its dust and splash proof nature. The charger is quite safe to use. It has a spark free operation and is protected from any damage caused by short-circuits and reverse polarity. CTEK offers a 2-year warranty on the MXS 10.


The key strength of the PRO25S is its fast charging as it offers a charging current of 25A. The charger comes with a dedicated lithium mode which makes it possible to charge lithium-based batteries as well from 30 to 450 Ah. Generally, it works with batteries ranging from 40 to 500 Ah. It has a built-in temperature sensor along with a dedicated Recond program for lead acid batteries. It has an IP44 rating which makes it suitable for outdoor use. Physically, it is lightweight and portable but rugged and robust at the same time. This make handling the charger quite easy. The PRO25S comes with a 2-year warranty. 

MXT 14

MXT 14 is the ideal charger for 24V batteries which are normally used in heavy duty machinery. It comes with various features which are synonymous with CTEK chargers. This includes a built-in temperature sensor and a dedicated Recond program. The charger is designed for 24V batteries which lie in the 23 to 300 Ah range. While it charges bigger batteries, the charger itself is quite light and portable. This portability is achieved without compromising on the charger’s toughness as it comes with an IP44 rating. The MXT 14 has a 2-year warranty.

Indicator Eyelet Clamps 

Clamps, also known as indicator eyelet, is an accessory for the  MXS 10. It makes use of LED lights to show the current battery level so that one can assess whether charging is needed or not. It can be used with either clamps or indicator eyelets of length 6mm or 8mm.