Brand Ambassador Johan Kriek

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1st Oct, 2020

Johan Kriek is a Brand Ambassador for ENERTEC BATTERIES and CTEK BATTERY CHARGERS. Two of his very famous Defender Land Rovers are kitted out utilizing the CTEK DUAL systems. Currently Johan is testing the latest D250SE powering up an Enertec 100A/h Lithium Battery to support his on-board Fridge and other 12v appliances. These units are tested under extreme overlanding conditions and valuable feedback are given back to the market. Test results so far indicated that the CTEK D250SE and the Lithium Battery combination has outperformed all other Dual Battery systems that Johan has tested in overlanding conditions.

Johan's Background:

Johan grew up in a family where holidays were spent in the great outdoors visiting the Kruger National Park or alternatively visiting friends on Karoo farms in the Eastern Cape.

Learning to drive on gravel roads and 4x4 wilderness tracks started at a very young age, and were instrumental in his love for 4x4 vehicles and exploring the great outdoors. 

Johan's Experience & Skills:

After school Johan attended the SA Army for a two-year period, where he was fortunate to drive and experience the 4x4 Bedford trucks, Unimogs and Land Rovers all over the place.

After this, his career diverted from marketing air conditioners for the building industry, to owning his own motor vehicle dealership for Isuzu, Opel and Suzuki.

After selling the business, Johan worked in the motor industry for Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi Pajero, while offering 4x4 training for Land Rover and Pajero in his free time.

This encouraged him to overland in a professional capacity.

Johan has led 4x4 self-drive safaris all over Southern and East Africa, initiated self-drive safaris to the Serengeti NP in Tanzania, and developed the Shingwedzi 4x4 eco trail and the Levuvhu 4x4 eco trail in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park.

He is also known as the father of the Defender Trophy that started in 2004, a family friendly overlanding event for Land Rover Defender enthusiasts.

Johan's Hobbies & Interests:

Great outdoors, 4x4 vehicles, classic motorcycles and globetrotting. Johan is also the driving force behind the very popular DEFENDER TROPHY event that takes participants on an unforgettable journey visiting the most spectacular sites in South Africa. For more information on this see