Can A UPS Be Used For Emergency Lighting?

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26th Mar, 2021

UPS’s can be used in all sorts of situations pertaining to a power breakdown. However, sometimes the use of power is of a more critical nature. This could be due to its importance for security or for ensuring that critical operations are not interrupted. In such scenarios, it is an understandable concern that whether a UPS could provide the necessary backup or not.

A common electrical load used in most emergency situations is emergency lighting. There is a need to assess whether a UPS is capable of handling them. If not, then what are the alternatives for providing backup for emergency lighting.

The process of assessment needs to begin with understanding the UPS ratings, battery ratings and the total Wattage of the load. The calculations and ratings need to be recorded carefully given the importance of emergency lighting. The necessary safety allowances like having excess load capacity and factoring in the internal inefficiencies of the system need to be catered as well.

The choice of UPS should be an online UPS since it has no switching delay. This would ensure that the emergency lighting comes on right away or transition from the main power to backup power seamlessly.

While an online UPS can get the job done, it is better to opt for a central battery system. It shares many of the features of an online UPS and is specifically designed for emergency situations. This would make it ideal for use with emergency lighting. The central battery system is usually designed for longer breakdowns too so that it can continue to provide power and keep things running until the problem is resolved.