Can We Use UPS For Lighting?

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25th Mar, 2021

The UPS is a versatile and capable system that can power a host of electrical appliances. This includes options such as fans, computers, TVs, refrigerators etc. That being said, it is possible that someone can have doubts about a particular electrical item. Lighting is perhaps the most common electrical load for a UPS.

The reason normally being that if the power breakdown occurs after sunset then a light source is still available in that situation. There might be some curiosity among certain customers that whether they are able to support their lighting setup using a UPS or not.

Start with assessing the UPS rating, the battery rating, and the Wattage of the lighting. This is the first step of understanding if the UPS system would work with the lighting. If the ratings do not match the load of the lights, then there are different possibilities. The lighting may not function at their full brightness if the ratings are below the required level.

This could lead to uneven performance of the lights and can even cause a trip. Another safe practice is to ensure that the battery and the UPS have some headroom left at full load capacity. This means that after connecting the lights to the UPS here should be room for additional loads so that there is added protection for the connected lights and appliances.

It is recommended the lights connected with the UPS are everyday LED’s and bulbs. This is because if they do end up getting damaged, they can be replaced easily with minimal cost. The more expensive lighting setups or lighting with higher Wattage should not be used with the UPS system as it may unnecessarily burden the UPS and potentially create some of the aforementioned issues.