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24th Nov, 2021

Commercial batteries are generally used in demanding applications like trucking logistics, mining, and construction. These industries often include many start cycles during the day and in some instances 24/7 usage.

ENERGIZER and ENERTEC batteries, manufactured by the world leader, Clarios, are strongly recommended for these applications.

These batteries incorporate the latest patented technology POWER FRAME GRIDS which allow for high-performance cranking and quicker recharging.

Enertec also distributes other highly reputable battery brands for commercial applications namely Energizer, Discover and OPTIMA.


Discover Dry Cell Traction Batteries provide superior high integrity and reliability.

The maintenance-free, traction plate construction of the Discover Dry Cell Traction Battery is designed to deliver excellent run time and a very good life cycle in commercial batteries.

Read more on dry cell batteries and further in this article, about some of the most frequently asked questions on the latest battery technology available.


In commercial environments, batteries are an essential requirement for large vehicles, heavy equipment, and construction machinery, used in many industries.  

Whether it be mining or construction, such ventures are carried out in harsh conditions and on a large scale. As a result, large batteries which are rugged and durable in nature, are required. Enertec understands that commercial batteries need to be reliable and prides itself as a top battery brand supplier for commercial, truck, earthmoving equipment, and mining equipment batteries. The specifications of these batteries, the brands and the different technologies available, are viewable on Enertec’s website.


Truck Batteries

In a truck, the battery serves a similar purpose to that of a standard automotive battery. It is also a starting, lighting, and ignition (SLI) battery. In other words, the ability to supply high CCA ( cold cranking amps) to start the engine when the ignition key is turned. It also powers the electronic components of the truck such as the radio and other auxiliary electronic devices.

The battery is recharged by the vehicle’s alternator when the truck is being driven. That being said, truck batteries are different from the usual car batteries. They are required to be more rugged and tougher than car batteries because the vibration, heat, and repeated start attempts in a truck’s engine is generally greater than a car.

Truck batteries also need to be capable of dealing with harsh terrains under extreme conditions as well as a lot of stop-start driving and vibration.


Earthmoving Equipment & Construction Vehicle Batteries

Earthmoving equipment involves a lot of heavy-duty vehicles, including bulldozers, excavators, and various types of loaders. The role of the battery in these scenarios is fairly similar to its role in trucks, however, the battery needs to be even more rugged and reliable.

Mining equipment, which includes trolley lifts and drilling equipment, often makes use of traction batteries. Traction batteries serve as the power source for the equipment, which provides a steady current over an extended period of time to facilitate its operation. Traction batteries serve a different role to that of SLI batteries, and can therefore also be used in the mining process.

As with truck batteries, the same applies to the batteries of earthmoving equipment, which are usually used on construction sites. Mining batteries also operate in high-temperature environments when mining for minerals and earth ores. Overall, commercial, truck and mining batteries need to be robust enough to withstand challenging conditions and have minimal chances of failure in order to maximise battery performance, reliability, and ultimately longer life.

When selecting a supplier for truck, earthmoving & construction vehicle batteries or mining batteries, we advise searching for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M) as part of your selection criteria. It indicates that the company has a proven track record of providing batteries that perform well under challenging circumstances.


Visit the Enertec website for a full schedule of brands and technologies available for commercial, truck, and mining batteries.

Enertec Commercial Battery Range:

  • Discover EV8DA-A 12V

  • Discover EV12A-A 12V

  • Discover EV31A-A 12V 

  • Discover EV27A-A 12V

  • Discover EV24A-A 12V

  • Discover EV8DA-A 12V Dry Cell Batteries

  • Discover EVL16A-A 6V

  • Discover EV305A-A 6V

  • Discover EVGT6A-A 6V

  • Discover EVGC6A-A 6V Dry Cell Batteries

  • Discover 674 Stud 12V Mixtech EGM Battery

  • OPTIMA RTS 2.1 6V (984606) Spiral Cell Battery

  • OPTIMA YTS 4.2 12V (982924) Spiral Cell Battery

  • OPTIMA YTS 5.5 (9858823) Spiral Cell Battery 

  • Energizer 695SHD 12V

  • Energizer 689SHD/692/696 12V

  • Energizer 689HC/692/696 12V

  • Energizer 689 12V

  • Energizer 690 12V 

  • Energizer 683HC/685HC 12V

  • Energizer 683 12V

  • Energizer 682 12V

  • Energizer 674/1251/1151 Pole 12V

  • Energizer 682 12V

  • Energizer 674/1251/1151 Pole

  • Energizer 695SHD 12V CALCIUM Batteries 

  • Enertec 674/1250/1150 Stud 12V

  • Enertec 688 12V

  • Enertec 689SHD/692/696 12V

  • Enertec 689HC/692/696 12V

  • Enertec 689 12V

  • Enertec 690 12V

  • Enertec 683HC/685HC 12V

  • Enertec 683 12V

  • Enertec 682 12V

  • Enertec 674/1251/1151 Pole 12V

  • Enertec 695 12V CALCIUM Batteries


FAQs on the different battery technologies currently on the market:

What is a dry cell battery?

A dry cell battery is a VRLA ( valve regulated lead acid) incorporating AGM ( absorbed glass mat ) technology. There is no liquid in an AGM battery. Discover DRy Cell also incorporate other high-level integrity additives such as polymers, gel and carbon to improve the overall performance of their batteries.

What is a Discover Mixtech EMX Battery?

Premium Flooded Batteries combine 360-degree acid mixing technology and advanced active materials to produce premium batteries for most conventional modern vehicles equipped with standard accessories.

What is a Discover Mixtech EFB Battery?

The Discover Mixtech Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) incorporates 360-degree acid mixing technology with the latest EFB technology breakthroughs of lead alloys and unique carbon additives. This significantly improves dynamic charge acceptance and battery life cycle.

What is a Discover Mixtech EGM battery?

Discover Mixtech Enhanced Glass Mat Flooded Batteries combines 360-degree electrolyte mixing with enhanced flooded battery technology. By using the high performance and vibration resistance of valve-regulated Absorbed Glass Mat batteries, Discover has produced a far superior EGM battery.

What is a Spiral Cell Battery?

A spiral cell battery layers the plates in a spiral layout. OPTIMA SPIRAL CELL technology is built to make batteries more vibration resistant, have higher starting power and quicker recharge, whilst also having a longer battery life.

What is a calcium battery?

A calcium battery is still a lead-acid battery, usually fully sealed and maintenance-free. Calcium substitutes antimony in the battery plates, which makes them unique and more efficient and resistant to corrosion.

How do you charge a calcium battery?

It is advisable to use a charger specifically designed for calcium batteries in order to get the maximum life and performance out of the battery.