CTEK Consumer Chargers

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29th Jul, 2020

Enertec Batteries (Pty) Ltd, supplies a broad range of consumer battery chargers that can be sold to the everyday automotive consumer. We are proud to have been chosen as the local distributor of choice for the entire CTEK range of Battery Chargers. This article will unpack some of the products in the CTEK range that are available at many retail outlets Nationally.  CTEK is an internationally acclaimed Brand – represented in Seventy Countries.


The current line of CTEK consumer battery chargers include:

CT5 Start/Stop – A user-friendly charger that is built on cutting edge Start/Stop technology. As a result, this smart charger does not have any buttons and the battery can be charged by simply connecting the battery to the charger. It is ideal for AGM and EFB batteries and ensures that they remain in perfect working condition. 


CT5 Time to Go – A data-oriented charger that provides consumers with data such as time required for a full charge and when to start the car after a dead battery. This means that the user has the flexibility to plan their activities accordingly. It also comes with safety features that prevent sparking and damage due to reverse polarity. This charger is aimed at the true motor enthusiast.


CT5 Powersport – Designed with motorbikes and jet-skis in mind, the CT5 Powersport is an important tool to keep batteries ready for sporting action. The latest model also caters for Lithium batteries.  Ideal for batteries between 5A to 25A.


XC 0.8 – A handy and unique charger designed for smaller 6V batteries instead of the usual 12V batteries. This makes it ideal for use with vintage cars and tractors. With a 4-stage charging process, this charger will ensure battery life longevity.


XS 0.8 – This charger is made for smaller 12 V batteries found in lawnmowers, jet skis, motorbikes, etc. and is the ideal maintenance charger. Aimed at batteries between 1.2A and 32A the XS 0.8 follows a 6-step charging process and its display will show the progress of the charging process.


MXS 3.8 – This charger uses patented Float/Pulse technology. MX 3.8 can check the condition of your battery and it comes with various features that help in maintaining battery health such as de sulphation to prolong battery life


MXS 5.0 – The MXS 5.0 is a microprocessor-based battery charger that comes with a built-in temperature sensor. It has various features to help in resolving battery-related problems and is worldwide the most popular household charger on the market.


MXS 5.0 Test & Charge – The MXS 5.0 Test & Charge adds to the functionality of MXS 5.0. It divides its operations into 2 parts i.e. test and charge. It has 3 user-friendly programs that can be used to test battery voltage. In terms of charging, it offers similar features to the standard MXS 5.0.


MXS 7.0 – A universal charger that can be used for maintenance and charging purposes across different vehicles like boats, cars, and RVs. It comes with a host of useful programs such as the Supply Program which turns the charger into a constant power source so that battery can be removed from a vehicle, and continuing to supply constant power to the essential electronics  without losing memory or settings.


MXS 10 – The MXS 10 is the latest model in the MXS series of chargers. It has all the features which are present in previous models but have been fine-tuned to deliver optimum performance. It also has a reconditioning function to revive deeply stratified batteries.


Lithium XS – This charger is specifically designed for LiFePO4 batteries. Lithium XS has the charging capacity to charge a battery from 5Ah to 60Ah using a maximum charging current of 5A. It is safe and user-friendly due to features such as the low voltage automatic reset.


Make sure you are selling the best chargers to your customer base. As battery technology improves so do the chargers that are required to charge them. CTEK is a leading global brand and we are proud to distribute this brand in SA.