CTEK Workshop Chargers

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22nd Jul, 2020

Enertec Batteries supplies a broad range of professional battery chargers that have been designed for the Automotive industry. We are proud to be the local distributor of the CTEK brand and this article will unpack some of the products in the CTEK range of professional chargers.


For professional use, Enertec offers the CTEK Pro series of chargers that can be used by technicians for diagnosing and resolving any battery-related issues.


The products offered in this range include:


MXS 10EC – A versatile and capable charger, the MXS 10EC is specifically designed for use in workshops. It can fulfill various roles during the battery inspection process which includes charging, diagnosing, reconditioning, and acting as a power source. Additionally, features such as 4-meter-long cables and a non-slip bumper guard add to its user-friendliness.


PRO 25S – PRO 25S is ideal for the automotive professional. It possesses a charging and maintenance range of 40 Ah to 500 Ah and can even serve as a power supply during battery switchovers. The built-in temperature sensor also ensures that charging is regulated which leads to optimal charging results.


PRO 25EC – Capable of charging 12V batteries from 40 Ah to 500 Ah, this powerful charger will add great value to any workshop. It is ideal for testing and reviving deeply discharged batteries. It offers battery support functionality too. For keeping things organized, it comes with a wall hanger and bracket for managing its 6-meter-long cables.


MXTS 40 – MXTS 40 is a heavy-duty charger that comes with high-quality 2.5-meter detachable cables and clamps. It works equally well with both 12V and 24V lead-acid batteries by providing safe and rapid charging (40 A max. charging current). It has various voltage settings available when acting as a power supply.


MXTS 70/50 – Ideal for large batteries, the MXTS 70/50 is a worthwhile addition to any workshop. Proficient with both 12V and 24V lead-acid batteries, it can provide a maximum charging current of 50 A for both voltage ratings (70 A max. charging current for 12V batteries which can last for 30 seconds). As a result, it has a broad charging range from 20 Ah to 1500 Ah.


PRO 60 – PRO 60 is a state-of-the-art charger which aims to cater to both lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. It comes with various modern features such as the patented "Adaptive Charging" which detects and monitors the battery so that it can be charged as soon as possible. To maintain its charging efficiency, it also makes use of a fan-less cooling system.


PRO 120 – Similar to PRO 60, the PRO 120 is a modern charger with similar features but it is meant for heavy-duty charging. This is evident from its greater charging current which is 120 A compared to PRO 60's 60 A. Furthermore, it is a very easy and simple charger to use.


MXT 4.0 – The MXT 4.0 is best suited for the maintenance charging of 24V lead-acid batteries. It has a max charging current of 4 A which can charge a battery from 8 Ah to 100 Ah or 250 Ah for maintenance charging. It is fairly rugged as it comes with IP65 rating which makes it splash and dustproof.


MXT 14 – For workshops that service large vehicles like buses and trucks, the MXT 14 is a great option. It works best with 24V lead-acid batteries as it can charge them from 28 Ah to 300 Ah using a max. charging current of 14 A. It is highly efficient and filled with modern features like a built-in temperature sensor.


At home in any workshop, the CTEK range of chargers is designed to make the servicing and maintenance of all battery types a breeze.


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