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29th Jul, 2020

Discover! A battery brand that is a global leader in the manufacturing and design of a wide array of batteries and energy solutions.


What started as a battery distribution operation in 1949, but soon began to evolve and grow today Discover is a leading player in the global battery industry.


Innovative designs of batteries and energy solutions combined with an efficient global distribution network has been the driving force of Discover’s success.


Headquartered in Canada, the brand has a global presence. South Africa makes up part of its global mix.


As the sole importers and distributors of the Discover brand, we wanted to provide some further understanding of the Discover products and their respective applications.


·   Traction Batteries – A maintenance-free battery that makes use of cutting-edge traction plate technology so that stable power can be provided at high voltages. These come in 2 variants, dry cell and gel cell. Both are ideal for deep cycle applications with long lifespans.

·   Advanced Tubular Batteries – A reliable option for renewable and deep cycle applications. Based on tubular plate technology that ensures a long service lifespan and a high efficiency for charging/discharging cycles. They come in 2 variants, OPzS Tubular Flooded and OPzV Tubular Gel.

·   LiFePO4 Batteries – A lithium-based battery, which comes with a host of proprietary features that make it an excellent choice for solar energy, industrial and mobile purposes (marine and leisure). Some of these features include AEON and RAPI-CHARGE which make LiFePO4 batteries superior when compared to standard lead-acid batteries.

·   MIXTECH batteries – Another proprietary technology of Discover Batteries, this prevents acid build-up and the subsequent stratification in batteries which results in an increase in the battery's lifespan by around 4 times. These batteries have 3 variants which include EMX, EFB, and EGM. Each of them operates on the same general principle but with different trade-offs of features.

·   AGM and VRLA batteries – These standard variants of batteries are of high quality and can be utilized for both personal and commercial use. The standard AGM batteries complement their reliability with their non-hazardous nature which makes them safe to use even with sensitive electronic equipment.


Applications -

·   Aerial Work Platforms – Discover provides various options that can reliably power the machinery for aerial work platforms. As a result, work on towers and other high-altitude structures can be done safely.

·   Electric Vehicles – Batteries are an integral component of the electric vehicle eco-system that aims to minimize the use of fossil fuels. Discover provides a host of deep cycle battery options, ranging from flooded to sealed, which can provide great service for an extended period.

·   Floor Scrubber – Discover offers a wide range of traction sealed batteries that are specifically designed for cleaning equipment. The batteries are extensively tested with the equipment to ensure that they operate efficiently over their expected lifespans.

·   Mobility Scooters – Whether it be a wheelchair, a scooter, or any other mobility device, Discover batteries offer maintenance-free and heavy-duty batteries.

·   Forklifts – In the harsh and demanding industrial environment, the batteries offered by Discover not only provide power to forklifts but also prevent any breakdowns related to battery problems.

·   Marine & RV – The line of batteries offered by Discover caters to recreational use as well. That is why one can find various options such as dry cell or deep cycle that will provide power where you need it.

·   Solar – As the world continues to shift towards solar energy, various products of Discover, such as LiFePO4 and tubular batteries, can be used to great effect as a part of a solar power system that can either provide back-up or an off-grid energy solution.

·   Automotive – Discover offers great options for automobiles which can provide the initial burst of current to start a car, truck, and other automobiles. With different proprietary technologies like MIXTECH, reliability is guaranteed.

·   UPS – In times of a power outage or breakdown, Discover sealed AGM batteries are the ideal companion for any UPS system.


Enertec Batteries is a leading importer and distributor of batteries in South Africa and its neighboring states. As the custodians of the Discover battery brand, we are proud to call the brand our own.


Looking to become a distributor, call us today and let's see how we can get the Discover brand into your set up.