Energizer Automotive & Energizer Commercial Batteries | Brand Overview

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30th Apr, 2020

Enertec Batteries (Pty) Ltd is a leading automotive battery distributor and importer for the new improved Energizer Max automotive and Energizer Max commercial batteries.

Since our vision is to be the “Heartbeat of Africa”, we are continuously improving upon our many years of expertise in the field and aim to remain at the forefront of battery technology.

Energizer automotive and Energizer commercial batteries are well-known and a much-loved product throughout the world and Enertec Batteries (Pty) Ltd is proud to import, distribute and service these products.

When it comes to automotive and commercial batteries, you simply cannot go wrong with the Energizer brand. These batteries offer the consumer countless advantages and can be considered as the go-to automotive and commercial battery for professionals.

In the automotive and commercial setting, you need a battery that will perform optimally, even in the most demanding situations. The Energizer range of automotive and commercial batteries does just this and is amazingly durable, giving you the peace of mind that your battery will not let you down.

Due to its state-of-the-art, and improved heat resistant technology, any energizer automotive and energizer commercial battery will offer optimum performance, better cranking, better cycling, and longer life in hot tropical climates.  Energizer batteries have up to one year’s shelf life. All energizer automotive and energizer commercial batteries have been manufactured to OE replacement standards in Europe and give you unique Power-Frame Grid technology to offer you higher performance and higher resistance to internal corrosion.

In addition to the long service life and optimal cyclic stability, you can rely on an Energizer automotive battery to cold-start your vehicle every time and, since it is always fully filled, charged, and ready to perform every time, this is definitely a brand to consider for your fleet. Even on the coldest of winter mornings, the Energizer automotive and Energizer commercial battery will reliably start your vehicle and have it ready for use immediately.

Our customers use their Energizer Automotive batteries for various applications. For example, they are ideal for both short and long distance uses and can be used in construction vehicles, vans, buses and much more.

This product is also highly flexible and has uses in varying levels of power requirements as well as all types of cycle performance.

If you would like to know more about the Energizer range of batteries, why not take a look at our product range on our website?