Enertec – A Leisure and Marine Battery Supplier

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10th Sep, 2020

The battery industry is filled with different types of batteries. Two such categories are leisure and marine batteries.

Although their application is different, they are grouped together because normally they are used in conjunction with one another for outdoor activities.

 Enertec supplies all of these types of batteries.

 As a leading leisure and marine battery supplier in South Africa, we feel responsible for educating dealers about these batteries and their use.

Here, we will identify and highlight some key features of a good a leisure and marine battery.

A leisure battery is normally a deep cycle battery which means that it’s capable of providing steady current over a long duration

As the name deep cycle suggests, leisure batteries can be discharged to a deeper depth of discharge without causing any damage to the battery itself. A leisure battery is available at different price points. In the lower price segments, you would normally find the standard Lead acid battery. As you move towards higher price ranges, options like enhanced flooded batteries (EFB) and absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries are available as well as Lithium. In most cases, the greater the investment, the higher the cyclic durability of the leisure battery, and the lower the cost of ownership per cycle.

These batteries are primarily used in caravans and RVs. The purpose of them is to power the different appliances and 12 Volt outlets and inverters present in the RV. The significance of leisure batteries is even greater in camping sites without any main power supplies. Even with the availability of power supply, a leisure battery offers useful backup in cases where there is a power outage.

Marine batteries, compared to leisure batteries, can be both deep cycle and starter batteries. They are primarily used in boats and other marine vehicles. The main difference from a standard battery is the rugged construction of the battery itself. The battery is designed to withstand the engine and hull vibrations when used in a motorboat or any harsh environment. As a starter battery, it serves the same purpose as an automobile battery by providing the initial burst of current to start a fuel-based boat. For electric boats and trolling motors, a deep cycle battery is used to power the boat itself. It is also used to power the electrical components in the boat such as the navigation system, fish-finders and audio system.

There are dual purpose marine batteries, which act as both starter and deep-cycle batteries. They are ideal for boats which are short on space, however, in terms of performance, they lag behind a purely starting or deep cycle battery.

When selecting a supplier for marine and leisure batteries, there are some general guidelines to follow. The supplier should have familiarity with the requirements of leisure and marine batteries - in other words, they should understand the role of the battery in both domains of application.

Apart from that, general traits such as reliability, trustworthiness, quality, track-record and cost effectiveness are some parameters that define a good supplier of leisure and marine batteries. A good way to verify these traits is through feedback from their existing clientele by word of mouth and on Social Media. If the general consensus is positive then one can be confident of the supplier’s service.