Household Batteries at Enertec

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11th Dec, 2021

Household Batteries at Enertec (PTY) LTD

Enertec supplies a leading brand, Energizer batteries, that power just about every household commodity.

Batteries are a vital part of most households’ day-to-day functioning of powered appliances, devices, gadgets and so many more. And even more so, when main power supplies get shut off. 

We stock a reliable range of leading technology battery brands, namely: Discover, Enertec, and Energizer, for most applications. Our batteries are distributed with after-sales support from seven warehouses and nine sales offices across South Africa.

This means that when our battery dealers stock our brands, we have sufficient after-sales support to answer any questions or provide advice on battery applications. We also advise on which battery is the most suitable option for your customer’s requirement.

Our team of battery experts has carefully selected and handpicked our range of batteries and the brands we supply, so that you can have peace of mind that the battery you buy or sell is the most suitable. 

Below is a list of common battery applications, used in our everyday lives:

  • Automotive (car) batteries

  • Commercial (truck) batteries

  • Marine and Leisure (e.g. boat, jet ski, caravan, and more) batteries 

  • UPS (or Uninterrupted Power Supply) batteries. These are essential for keeping devices powered during load shedding or a power outage

  • Generator batteries. Generators are a key part in keeping the lights on during load shedding, and it is vital to ensure that your generator’s battery is in good operating condition

  • Industrial cleaning equipment batteries (i.e. those used in commercial settings)

  • Solar batteries. Solar panels store their energy in special batteries and it is important to do routine inspections on your solar panel system’s battery

  • Golf cart batteries

  • Wheelchair and mobility scooter batteries

  • Security and alarm system batteries 

  • Electric gate batteries (should your battery be flat during a power outage, you will not be able to get into your property, making it essential to always check your gate battery)

  • Motorcycle batteries

  • And a huge range of household and outdoor consumable batteries and accessories

The range of Energizer consumable batteries for household items cover numerous devices

Household devices that make use of batteries include: remote controls, MP3 players, CD players, digital cameras, electronic toys, alarms, flashlights, torches, cameras, clocks, watches and many more.

Energizer is one of the major global brands Enertec (PTY) LTD supplies throughout South Africa and Southern Africa, for batteries to power household and outdoor items.

Energizer is undoubtedly one of the most popular battery brands at Enertec Batteries (PTY) LTD, and Energizer is certainly a household name in South Africa when it comes to batteries and accessories. Here at Enertec (PTY) LTD, we fully believe that Energizer batteries are worth their value due to their reliability, quality, and excellent value for money. 

Environmental responsibility meets inspired technology with Energizer rechargeable batteries

At Enertec (PTY) LTD, we are incredibly passionate about the environment and are always doing our best to lower our carbon footprint.

It is for this reason that we encourage all Enertec (PTY) LTD customers to recycle their old batteries responsibly. Most recycling centres have special bins where you can dispose of your old batteries safely. 

Of course, using a rechargeable battery is even better than recycling a disposable battery. 

Rechargeable batteries are much kinder to the environment and are long-lasting. Their durability increases their cost-effectiveness.

Energizer introduced the world’s first AA and AAA batteries through inspired technology, and because of a huge sense of responsibility to the environment. Used for numerous household and outdoor applications, you can experience the convenience and value of innovative, industry-leading rechargeable battery technology.

Energizer Recharge rechargeable AA and AAA batteries come pre-charged and ready to go, providing reusable power for the devices you enjoy using.

Energizer Recharge batteries are designed to prevent damaging leaks.

They have an extended life composition infused with advanced technology, which minimizes both self-discharge and natural ageing effects.

An advanced manufacturing process ensures no quality defects, leading to a reliable and consistent user experience over an extended time period.

Engineered-alloy optimized-electrode composition provides an ideal balance of capacity, cycles and charge retention.

Get Energizer Recharge high performance rechargeable battery power at nationwide reputable retail stores and Enertec (PTY) LTD battery dealers.

The Energizer product range for household items available in South Africa is listed on the Enertec (PTY) LTD website: 

To view our household battery range, click here.

Enertec (PTY) LTD has been stocking and selling a broad range of Energizer batteries for many years. 

The Energizer battery range for household applications includes:

  • Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries, or Energizer Advanced Alkaline Batteries and Energizer Max Alkaline Batteries

  • Energizer Power Alkaline Batteries available in sizes AA or AAA and rechargeable versions available in 2-pack, 10-pack and 12-pack strips. Energizer Power Alkaline Batteries are also available in sizes C, D, and 9V

  • Energizer Recharge Powerplus or Extreme Nickel Metal Hydride Battery available in sizes AA or AAA, and as a 2-pack or 4-pack

  • Energizer Recharge Nickel Metal Hydride Battery available in size 9V

  • Energizer 3V Lithium Coins

  • Energizer Miniature Alkaline Batteries 1.5V available in sizes N, AAAA, and A76 as a 2-pack, and 12V in sizes A27 and A23 as a 2-pack

  • Energizer Lithium Photo Battery 3V in sizes 123 and CR2

  • Energizer Zero Mercury Hearing Aid Alkaline Battery 1.4V available in sizes 10,13, 312, and 675

Other Energizer battery powered convenient household items, include:

  • Energizer Charger: Mini Charger available in AA or AAA, Value Charger in AA, Overnight charger in AA or Smart Charger in AA

  • Energizer Household LED Lights (metal & rechargeable)

  • Energizer Fluorescent Lanterns

  • Energizer Area Lanterns, Utility Lanterns, and Rechargeable Emergency Lanterns

  • Energizer Headlights, Spotlights, Atex, Booklite, Magnet Light, Keyring Light and Pen Light. 

These products are amazing to use during power outages, outdoor adventures, and more. They also make excellent gifts.

Although we stock the full household application battery range from Energizer, other battery applications in stock from the brand, include:

  • Energizer Automotive Batteries

  • Energizer Truck & Earthmoving Batteries

  • Energizer Stop/Start Vehicle Batteries

  • Energizer Marine & Leisure Batteries

  • Energizer Security/Emergency Batteries

  • Energizer UPS/Standby Batteries

View the full Energizer battery range and Enertec Batteries (PTY) LTD Household Battery Applications, or contact us at our branches for more information.