How Does A Battery Management System Work?

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6th May, 2021

One of the key features of a battery management system is the protection it offers to the battery from factors that may disrupt its normal operation. The battery management system works on the principle of offering different battery protection features.

If we look at different actions battery safety system can take for different problems, then it would give a fair idea about its working.

  • Charging at low or high temperatures can create problems in the battery and severely reduce the life of a battery. To rectify it, the battery management system will decrease or increase the charging parameters to ensure the batteries are being charge in the most optimal way possible.
  • If there is an over-voltage, this leads to overheating. To prevent damage to the battery, the voltage flowing to the battery may be switched off by the management system.
  • Over-current, like overvoltage, also leads to overheating. A similar line of action is taken by the battery management system by switching off the current.
  • Over discharging a battery will also reduce its life. A management system can be set to shut off at a certain voltage as to not over discharge the battery.