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24th Nov, 2021

With the high demands made on batteries in renewable energy applications, one needs to be sure that the correct battery is utilised for reliable performance and maximum battery life for the application requirement.

Enertec is a solar battery supplier and is backed by the latest technology systems and solutions from leading global brands like Energizer and Discover.


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Solar energy is not just a buzzword anymore but is fast becoming a trend that is more and more popular as the world continues to shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources

The extent of its popularity is such that solar energy is being used in households as well and the demand is growing daily especially in South Africa and especially for more cost-effective solutions. The battery is one of the three major components of a solar power system with the other two being the solar panels and a charge controller. Enertec tries to educate dealers about this lucrative market and continuously gives insight on the topic and shares the latest technology innovations, as a leading solar battery supplier in South Africa.

A few decades back, the notion that one could fulfill their electricity requirements through an off-grid power solution seemed to be absurd.

However, renewable energy, specifically solar power, has made great strides. It is now very possible for people to abandon the grid system by moving towards solar powered and battery solutions to power their worlds. With the challenges we are facing, having to work remotely, 24/7 power supply is becoming a necessity. We can’t afford downtime with load shedding and therefore, have to find solutions.

An off-grid solar power system is incomplete without batteries as it would be quite risky to rely on a direct supply of solar-powered electricity alone. In other words, the battery storage steps in if, for any reason, the solar system is not able to provide the necessary amount of energy.


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Going off-grid? Choose the battery as an environmentally friendly alternative

At Enertec Batteries, we believe that solar power will be used by a much larger number of consumers in the coming years and we will continue to educate our customers and dealers about the numerous advantages of going “off the grid” and using a much more environmentally-friendly source of power, like the battery.

The price of solar power generation is set to decrease even further in the years to come with new and exciting innovations that are continuously being made in the solar industry.


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Have you ever wondered what the future holds for energy storage and what role solar power batteries will play?

Well, extensive research has shown that due to the detrimental environmental impact that traditional power systems have, alternative forms of energy supply, such as solar power batteries, will feature extensively in the coming years and decades.

Up until recently, the positive impact of small-scale and hybrid energy systems has been largely underestimated.  Such energy systems include LEAD-ACID batteries, LITHIUM-ION batteries, and a combination of both. When solar power (i.e. photovoltaics) is paired with lithium-ion batteries, great cost savings in terms of energy costs can be had and a well-designed system involving solar panels can yield an effective power solution at a very reasonable price when the total cost of ownership is considered.


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Visit the Enertec website for a full breakdown of brands and technologies available for solar batteries.


Enertec Solar Battery Range:

Enertec entry-level sealed wet, lead-acid batteries that are maintenance-free 

  • Enertec 674/1250/1150 Stud Calcium Battery

  • Enertec 674/1251/1151 Pole Calcium battery

  • Enertec 674P (54.105D) 105 Amp/hr Calcium Battery

Energizer entry-level sealed wet, lead-acid batteries that are maintenance-free  

  • Energizer 674/1250/1150 Stud Calcium Battery

  • Energizer 674/1251/1151 Pole Calcium Battery

Other Solar Batteries

  • DISCOVER DRYCELL – Absorbent Glass Mat High Performance – 6-volt 8-volt 12 volt,

  • DISCOVER – OpzS – maintenance type – tubular plate – 2 volt and 12 volts,

  • DISCOVER – OpzV – maintenance-free GEL – tubular plate – 2 volt and 12 volt.

  • Discover EV506A-230 6V, EVGC6A-A 6V, EVGT6A-A 6V, EV305A-A 6V, EVL16A-A 6V, EV Dry cell batteries

  • Discover EV712A-18 12V, EV512A-24 12V, EVU1A-1 12V, EV512A-45 12V, EV24A-A 12V, EV27A-A 12V, EV31A-A 12V, EV185A-A, EV4DA-A 12V, EV8DA-A 12V, EV Dry cell batteries

  • Discover GC2-225FF – Flat Plate 6V, GC2-225TF – Tubular Plate 6V, GC-170TF – Tubular Plate 8V, GC12-140TF 12V, 12VRE-1400TF-L Flooded 12V, 12VRE-3000TF-L Flooded 12V, vented flooded batteries

  • Discover 12VRE-3200TG-Gel Sealed Battery


FAQ’s relating to batteries and battery technologies used for solar battery applications


What are EV dry cell batteries?

EV stands for Electric Vehicle and dry cell indicates that it does not possess a liquid electrolyte inside the battery.

What are vented flooded batteries?

Wet cell or flooded batteries operate by means of a liquid electrolyte solution (battery acid) covering all internal parts. Wet cell batteries produce gas when overcharging. This gas must be able to escape, thus the name of a vented cell battery.

What are gel sealed batteries?

A gel sealed battery uses silica (sand) to turn the sulfuric acid into a jelly-like substance which is then used as the electrolyte.

What 4 major components does a solar system consist of?

1.      Solar Panels

2.      Charge Controller

3.      Battery Bank

4.      Inverter

What is a solar battery?

A battery that stores energy from the sun.

Which are the different types of batteries for storing solar energy for residential solar systems?

·         Lead-acid batteries

·         Lithium-ion batteries

·         Nickel based batteries

·         Flow batteries

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Globally, the use of solar energy is on the rise as more people realize the benefits of this green energy source. 

Not only does it help in reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment, but it also reduces energy costs as well.

There are two main purposes for shifting towards solar energy.

1.      off-grid power solution

2.      backup power solution

The Homaya Solar Hybrid Home System (SHHS) is a good option for your solar energy needs. Read more about it by clicking on the link above.