The battery business in South Africa is big, with numerous brands competing for market share

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13th Apr, 2022

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the South African battery market is projected to grow at a rate of more than 8% over the period between 2022 and 2027. The lithium market in particular, for a range of applications: including automotive, commercial, household, marine and leisure, and solar back-up; is anticipated to boom over the coming years.

The push for a shift toward sustainable technology, electric vehicles (EVs), and alternative power sources will be the largest driver behind this growth in demand.

The battery business in South Africa is big, with numerous brands competing for market share


Which battery applications will be most in-demand in South Africa, in 2022 and why

The evolving and rapidly developing lithium technology available now means that there are increasingly customisable and innovative ways to power homes, cars, trucks and boats.

Along with the trend toward off-grid solutions, and with more consciousness about the need for backup power and storage developing, the demand for deep cycle batteries is also expected to grow in demand, alongside lithium solutions, over the coming years.

Therefore the battery applications that will be most in-demand in 2022 will be:

  • Automotive (especially for start/stop and electric vehicles)
  • Commercial Automotive
  • Household / Commercial property battery backup power
  • Solar power batteries


With all the electricity and power outage challenges faced by South Africans, there is a growing and ongoing demand for battery power

Stationary energy storage, for use in agricultural, industrial, commercial and household applications, is also expected to grow in demand over 2022. Load shedding and the growth of independent power provider (IPP) projects are driving this demand, as the increasing cost of grid instability in the country threatens the economy and livelihoods of South African households and businesses.

There are other solutions like solar and wind but for the average South African household a lithium-ion battery goes a long way to generating power for the basics

Regardless of the falling cost and increasing availability of solar and wind power over the years, it is still much more practical for a household to make use of a lithium battery as a backup power source. Solar systems remain a significant investment, and household installations run the risk of incurring penalties from local municipalities and property management bodies. Wind power is a costly expense that is rarely affordable for individual households, and also has a complicated and dangerous installation process, so this option is simply out of reach for the average home.

Purchasing a lithium battery alongside an inverter or Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) unit is materially more achievable for a South African household, as the financial and installation requirements are much lower than most other alternatives.

Lithium batteries are excellent backup power sources for several reasons, despite their higher price point when compared to other battery technologies. Firstly, in the hotter South African climate, backup systems require frequent battery cycling to ensure that the batteries reach their full lifespan potential.

Recalibrating a backup system and recharging batteries can be quite time consuming, and so it is often difficult to keep to a regular schedule. Lithium batteries have a much longer life cycle than other batteries (they have a significantly better discharge rate), which tends to relieve a lot of the maintenance demands that such a system can place on a household.

Further to this, lithium batteries are also incredibly reliable, as they can be drained fully and then recharged for another cycle, without the damaging effects this would have on an ordinary lead-acid battery. Enertec lithium batteries come with a longer warranty, which also makes them a much better long-term investment.


Most innovative ways batteries have been used in rural and informal settings in South Africa

A large portion of the rural and informal economy in South Africa does not have reliable electricity grid access. With small-scale renewable sources of power as an alternative to large-scale grid reliance still being on the distant horizon, batteries are becoming a staple to power homesteads, farms, and small businesses.

Automotive batteries are commonly used in rural and informal settings to power small- to mid-sized appliances such as televisions and bar refrigerators. However, there is a misconception that this is the correct battery to use for these applications. Ordinary car batteries produce a shorter burst of power needed to start a car, which would not be suitable for powering appliances with a continuous power draw.

Deep cycle batteries produce ongoing, lower yet consistent, levels of power, which makes them ideal for powering appliances in households and small businesses.

Very few households make use of generators to meet their energy needs. Generators are usually used in conjunction with a backup battery to power welding, phone charging, and sewing businesses.

Solar power inverters are also used to power pumps for agricultural irrigation and water feed systems in rural areas. These are combined with batteries for backup storage. Common batteries for this application include deep cycle and lithium batteries.


Enertec supplies a range of battery applications and top brands, nationwide

Enertec stocks a range of top batteries and brands for load shedding and backup solutions.

Lithium batteries are some of our most requested batteries for backup power solutions. The LITH100B (Bluetooth enabled), our 12V 100Ah lithium battery, is a top contender owing to its three-year replacement maintenance warranty and two-year service warranty, as well as its excellent performance.

Other lithium batteries in our range include: 

  • LITH200B (Bluetooth) - 12V 200Ah Lithium
  • LITH2450 (Bluetooth) - 24V 50Ah Lithium
  • LITH24100 (Bluetooth) - 24V 100Ah Lithium
  • LITH36100 (Bluetooth) - 36V 100Ah Lithium
  • LITH48100 (Bluetooth) - 48V 100Ah Lithium

Another increasingly popular choice is our i-G3N and Pylontech range, which consists of lithium battery expansion units that are stacked on top of each other. This innovative design allows you to customize your system according to your energy storage needs.


Outside of the lithium range, commonly used batteries for solar and backup power solutions in our product selection are:

Forbatt VRLA Gel Batteries (for frequent use):

  • 12V100G - 12V 100 Ah Gel
  • 12V200G - 12V 200Ah Gel

Enertec-branded Batteries (for infrequent use):

  • 674S (1250) - 12V 105Ah Stud
  • 674P (1251) - 12V 105 Ah Post
  • 674D - 12V 105 Ah Deep Cycle (Post)
  • 674DS - 12V 105Ah Deep Cycle (Stud)

Energizer-branded Batteries (for infrequent use):

  • 674S (1250) - 12V 105Ah Stud
  • 674P (1251) - 12V 105 Ah Post

Every system will have its own unique requirements. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are trained to consult you on the best option for you, based on your individual needs and budget.


For more information, please visit our website. Alternatively, please contact us and one of our friendly consultants will reach out to you. Together, we will find your ideal energy solution.