The CTEK Battery Analyzer

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29th Jul, 2020

When a battery becomes a year old, it is good practice to monitor it to avoid any unnecessary hassles or that unexpected roadside breakdown. Most modern cars still either use a conventional lead-acid battery or a variant of it.


The CTEK Battery Analyzer is designed with the conventional automotive lead-acid battery in mind.  It can accurately test and show results for different lead-acid battery types such as flooded, sealed/ maintenance-free, and gel batteries.


The CTEK Battery Analyzer presents the battery health details in an easy to understand manner and also suggests a recommended course of action should it detect that maintenance is required.


Another feature that adds to the usability of the CTEK Battery Analyzer is the fact that it can be used without removing the battery from the car. It has reverse polarity protection in place which prevents any additional load on the battery which might cause overheating/sparking.


All of these features are a result of a patented technology that ensures that both the battery and the user remain safe. It follows the EN rating system for taking the battery reading and is a great tool for motorists who want to keep an eye on their car battery.


Some technical details of the Battery Analyzer include:

·   The analyzer tests the battery on the principle of conductance.

·   Its testing voltage range is from 8V to 15V.

·   The resolution of the voltage readings is 0.1V and their accuracy is ±0.1V.

·   The range of the EN rating is from 200 to 1200 which is accurate for ±25 EN.

·   The Battery Analyzer comes with a 2-year warranty.


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