The CTEK Pro Battery Tester

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29th Jul, 2020

The battery is an integral part of cars and automobiles. Battery failure or a dead battery can be a source of great frustration during everyday usage for businesses that run fleets or rely on machinery having minimal downtimes.


Enertec understands the need for a battery testing tool that can assist technicians to test a battery and provide a quick and accurate health report. As distributors of the CTEK brand the CTEK Pro Battery Tester in an efficient tool that provides accurate results.


The CTEK Pro Battery Tester is user friendly and provides instant output within mere seconds. It comes equipped with an integrated printer that provides the battery health report in the form of a printed slip. This printer does not require an additional power source as it meets its minimal power requirements through the battery being tested.


The CTEK Pro Battery Tester is a versatile machine as is compatible with different rating systems and battery types. It works perfectly fine with CCA, EN, SAE, IEC and DIN rating systems. It can be used to test a wide array of batteries which includes flooded, AGM, and Gel.


Some technical details of CTEK Pro Battery Tester include:

·   LCD text display.

·   Testing ranges for different rating systems are the following: 100 – 900 for CCA, 100-550 for DIN, 100-900 for EN, 100-550 for IEC and, 100-900 for SAE.

·   It can test voltages from 1V to 12V.

·   The cable that comes with the tester is 533.4 mm long.

·   It can use the test battery to power itself. If that is not sufficient then a 9V battery is required to power the tester.

·   Its body is made of ABS plastic with dimensions of 230 x 102 x 65 mm and weighs 499g.


So if you are looking for a battery testing machine then Enertec has the solution, packaged in the CTEK range.