The Dry Cell Battery

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10th Oct, 2020

The world of batteries is filled with various sub-categories and classifications. The variety is such that even professional sellers have a hard time keeping track of things. That is why Enertec always strives to create awareness about different types of batteries among vendors so that they can help their prospective customers. Today, our focus would be on dry cell batteries.  First, we would understand the dry cell technology in its general sense.  After laying the foundation, the features of DISCOVER dry cell traction battery would be highlighted and discussed.

What is Dry Cell Battery Technology?

The basic principle of the dry cell battery technology revolves around the nature of the electrolyte of the battery. Normally, popular battery options, like the wet cell lead acid battery, contain a liquid electrolyte. It is usually acidic in nature and serves as the source of ions which facilitate in the flow of charge or electricity. The dry cell battery utilizes a fibreglass matt material which surrounds each plate and absorbs the electrolyte. A common word used for this technology is “AGM” (absorbed glass matt).

Among the various benefits of dry cell batteries, the most prominent one is the reduced risk of electrolyte leakage. The electrolyte, which is usually corrosive in nature, can be hazardous for anyone who comes in contact with it. In dry cell batteries, the electrolyte does not flow so it becomes unlikely that it would leak out of the battery in the event of any physical damage to the battery itself. As a result, dry cell batteries are suitable for rugged use and less likely to create problems if they experience vigorous vibrations.

AGM and gel batteries can be classified as dry cell batteries. While they are more expensive than the standard wet cell lead acid batteries, they offer certain benefits which make them a worthwhile investment. Some of them include being able to tolerate higher temperatures and handle higher charge/discharge rates without any permanent damage.

DISCOVER Dry Cell Traction Battery

DISCOVER batteries is one of the leading brands distributed by Enertec. The dry cell traction battery is a part of the diverse product line of DISCOVER. We would look at some of their key features which showcase why one may choose DISCOVER dry cell traction battery over other similar options in the market.

Responsible Solution

As identified earlier, dry cell batteries are comparatively safer to use. The DISCOVER dry cell traction battery has numerous features which makes them the responsible choice for any user. The battery is maintenance free or sealed which eliminates various potential risks such as injuries from spills and fumes. The battery is designed to work well in tough environments. The fact that you can charge a DISCOVER dry cell battery safely in an unventilated room further underlines this statement. Furthermore, since the battery comes in different sizes and voltage ratings, it is the ideal candidate for replacing batteries that can potentially prove to be hazardous.

Smart Savings

The economic aspect of the battery cannot be ignored. A battery should offer returns which justifies the investment. DISCOVER dry cell traction batteries are made with these considerations in mind. They have longer lifespans compared to the average battery which means that it saves any premature replacement costs. These dry cell batteries also offer savings when it comes to charging and charge retention by having shorter charge times coupled with longer charge retention. As a result, the electricity costs are minimised. Moreover, since they require little to no maintenance, replacement costs over the course of time are less frequent too.

Environmental Sustainability

As global environmental threats continue to grow, eco-friendly solutions are becoming increasingly necessary. The DISCOVER dry cell traction battery is a result of thinking focused on environmental sustainability.  The battery is recyclable, and it is made from recycled parts as well. This creates a continuous cycle where resources are utilised to their fullest while minimising any waste that can potentially harm the environment. Another proof of the battery’s eco-friendliness is the fact that it does not require HAZMAT during shipping. This means that it’s considered safe enough to be shipped using conventional packaging. Furthermore, it is compliant with various regulations such as LEED and OSHA which emphasize the green nature of these batteries. Overall, the design of the battery is such that the battery is made using the least amount of resources with improved safety and reduced waste.


Any good battery thrives due to its efficiency and the DISCOVER dry cell traction battery is no different. This battery is conceived on the basis of providing more performance while staying within the same standard footprints normally associated with batteries. They are able to outperform other deep cycle batteries and offer longer battery life due to their higher active material to acid ratio. When compared to flooded deep cycle batteries, their charging time is significantly shorter. The resulting charge has a monthly charge retention rate of 97-99%. Both of these factors combine to lower energy wastage and lead to higher efficiency as a whole. Also, there is no off-gassing as the battery is able to maintain 99% efficient gas recombination. The construction of traction plates is such that it prevents damage from deep discharge cycles and leads to longer lifespan.


A durable battery promises to last longer when compared to the average battery even in harsh conditions. The DISCOVER dry cell traction battery certainly fulfills this criteria. The use of 99% pure heavy-duty lead calcium grid in the construction of the battery adds to its strength. Generally speaking, the battery is tested and built for use under tough conditions which may require frequent deep discharge cycles. The casing of the battery is reinforced in a manner which makes it resistant to any damage caused by shocks and vibration. The terminal of the battery is made of copper and stainless steel. Not only do they offer high conductivity but is capable of withstanding physical blows as well.

Easy to Use

An easy to use battery is convenient for both the vendors and customers. The user-friendliness of the battery makes it easy for the vendor to handle them and convince their customers to buy them. On the other hand, the customer who buys such batteries has a hassle-free experience and may be inclined to buy the same battery again. The DISCOVER dry cell battery perfectly fits this description. This battery is classified as non-hazardous which means that a vendor or a customer would have little to no issues when storing them. They can also be shipped and transported without any restrictions as well. During usage, the customer would not have to worry about the battery as it is maintenance free with low self-discharge rates. These batteries are able to operate to their optimum level in a wide variety of environmental conditions. Similarly, they can be used with different types of electronics as they can handle sensitive equipment as well.


The construction of a battery needs to be highly dependable. The DISCOVER dry cell battery design is packed with features which aim to achieve this goal. The battery is designed in manner that different voltage options can be provided while staying within the standard footprint. The battery has a flat top design with a reinforced copolymer and polypropylene casing. This protects the internal components of the battery from any physical harm. A carry handle is normally attached on the top so that moving the battery is easier. To ensure that the casing is properly fitted, it is thermally welded so that the case and cover are properly bonded. Inside the battery, the traction grid has a heavy-duty design which makes use of lead, calcium and tin. The use of these materials produces better active material adhesion and creates resistance against corrosion. The traction plates of the battery play a key role in adding to the dependability of the battery. They are tank formed which adds to the uniformity of each cell in terms of matched capacity. The plates are tightly packed together so that there is no plate separation and no damage is caused to the plates by any vibrations. The plates are further complimented by the double insulating microporous glass fiber separators which standardises performance and conductivity.



Certifications are a great way of substantiating any claims made by the battery’s manufacturer. To acquire these certifications, one must fulfill the international standards associated with them since they act as a seal of approval for the battery’s performance. DISCOVER has ensured that all of its products are internationally certified, and their dry cell battery is no different. It meets various international standards such as ISO and TUV. Due to its eco-friendly nature, it has been given the Euro Bat classification for Environmental Stewardship Standards. It has all the necessary certifications needed for unrestricted transport in air, on ground and on water.