The I2440 CTEK Battery Charger

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26th Nov, 2020

There are various differences between everyday tools and industrial level tools.  Generally, speaking, the industrial variants are bigger and more suited for rugged use compared to their everyday counterparts. The same applies to battery chargers as well. Industrial battery chargers are important for maintaining smooth operations of industrial machinery. For the benefit of our vendors who deal with industrial clients, Enertec would provide an overview of an industrial charger from CTEK – I2440. Different specifications and features would be covered so that the vendors can use that information to help make their clients the right purchase decision. As a result, it would help in forging ties between vendors and client which is mutually beneficial for all the involved stakeholders including Enertec.

The I2440 CTEK Industrial Charger

As we mentioned earlier, the I2440 is an industrial charger. This means it is designed to support larger batteries which are used in places such as factories, construction sites, mining areas. The I2440 is an incredibly versatile charger. It is capable of charging different types of batteries which include the conventional lead acid, gel and AGM batteries. It even possesses dedicated lithium algorithms designed for lithium ion batteries. All these battery types can be recharged from a voltage level of as low as 0.5V. The prowess of the charger is also prevalent in its charging process. Moreover, its high frequency switching coupled with its intelligent cable loss compensation results in an efficiency of around 94% which implies faster charging and lower power usage.

A key quality of any industrial charger is ruggedness and ability to operate in harsh conditions. The I2440 is constructed using black anodized aluminum and has vibration absorbers fitted in its sealed body. This increases the charger’s durability and has helped in making the charger water and dust resistant (IP64 rating). CTEK has extensively tested their chargers in difficult conditions. That is why a 2-year warranty is offered for I2440. In terms of temperature, the charger can deliver optimum charging current at even 40 °C. This is made possible by the “Resonant Converter” technology which helps in charging the battery in the shortest possible time with an efficiency of around 94%.

The I2440 offers great ease of use as well. One can keep the charger plugged to battery permanently without worrying about any damage caused by overcharging. This is due to its various safety features. The drive-off protection ensures that the battery would not work if the charger is still connected to the battery in the reverse polarity. The over-voltage protection and temperature sensors prevent the battery from overcharging and overheating. The user is further guided by the clear LED indicators that shows the state of charge which can be used to assess whether a recharge is needed or not. Additionally, one can use the 2.5m LED wire as well to view the details if the charger is difficult to access.

The I2440 Charger Specifications

Finally, let us conclude our discussion by looking at some specifications of I2440. It needs a power source of 220-240 VAC at 50-60Hz with maximum current of 3A. On the other end, it can charge the battery up to 28.8V through a maximum charging current of 20A. The battery charged using I2440 has a back current drain of less than 7Ah per month. The charger also protects the battery and itself from any damage by limiting the ripples to less than 4%. Its ambient temperature range for operation is -20 °C to 50 °C which changes to -40 °C to 70 °C for storage. It is designed to charge 24V lead acid batteries and can be customised accordingly for AGM, gel and lithium ion batteries. The range of battery capacity supported by I2440 is 80-1100 Ah. In terms of its physical dimensions, the charger’s net weight is 3 kg with dimensions of 294x236x80mm.