The MXS 10.0 CTEK Battery Charger

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26th Nov, 2020

Batteries are used everywhere for different purposes.  In automobiles like cars and motorcycles, batteries act as SLI batteries which provide the initial burst of current to start them. While in other cases, they are used to provide a steady current needed to power electrical devices in RVs, motorboats, golf carts etc.  For the fulfillment of all these roles, the batteries need the necessary care and attention so that they can keep performing at the optimum level. The use of reliable battery chargers is integral for keeping the battery in a healthy state. With that in mind, Enertec would like to share the details of a high-end charger for 12V batteries known as MXS 10. All the relevant details such as features and method of use would be covered about this great product from CTEK.

The high-end model of the MXS series, the MXS 10 is designed with larger batteries in mind. They can be used for charging a wide spectrum of batteries such as those used in cars, boats, tractors etc. They have many modern features which make it both safe and efficient to use. The fact that it comes with a 2-year warranty is a testament to the charger’s high-quality level.

The MXS 10.0 CTEK Battery Charger Specifications

Before we conclude our discussion with describing the charging steps of the MXS 10, let us have a quick look at the charger’s technical specifications. The charger offers 3 different charging voltages which are 14.4V, 14.7V and 15.8V. During regular charging, the maximum charging current is 10A. It operates in 8 step automatic charging cycles that does not require any further input from the user. They are ideal for use with 12V lead acid batteries and have a mode that supports charging of AGM batteries as well. (NB -  Recond function should never be used on AGM Batteries)

 The MXS 10 is capable of charging batteries ranging from 20Ah to 200Ah in terms of capacity. This range increases to 300Ah when the charging is done for maintenance purposes. The charger has an IP65 rating which means that it is splash and dust resistant. Furthermore, it has a built-in temperature compensation mechanism which protects the battery from overheating.

The charging process of the MXS 10 comprises of the following 8 steps:

  • The first step performs desulphation. This is basically the process of removing any sulfate deposits on the plates of the battery. By doing so, it restores the charge holding capacity of the battery.
  • Once the desulphation is completed, the charger performs a soft start on the battery. The purpose of the soft start is to check if the battery is capable of accepting charge. If results are OK, then the charging process begins.
  • Initially, the charging is done in bulk. In other words, the maximum charging current is used for charging the battery until it reaches 80% of its full capacity.
  • Beyond the 80% charge level, the charging shifts to absorption. This implies a gradual decrease in charging current until the battery reaches 100% charge level.
  • Upon completion of the charging process, an analysis of the battery’s charge holding capacity is done. If it is deemed that the battery cannot hold a charge, then it is best to replace the battery.