The MXS 7.0 CTEK Battery Charger

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26th Nov, 2020

Every equipment comes with its necessary accessories. Generally, these accessories serve as add-ons for the main equipment but in some cases, their role becomes increasingly important. The pairing of a battery and a battery charger is an example of the latter. The battery can perform different roles in different environments, but it needs regular maintenance to sustain its performance. Among the different measures taken for preserving battery health, restoring charge levels is perhaps the most important. One needs a correct charger to perform this duty. Today, Enertec would discuss a charger of 12V batteries which produces great results. This charger is manufactured by CTEK and its model name is MXS 7.0. In its description, all the pertinent details such as its features and specifications would be highlighted.

The MXS 7.0 CTEK Charger Specifications

The MXS 7.0 is the middle member of the MXS series of chargers which makes it the ideal candidate for being a universal 12V battery charger. It can charge batteries used for various applications such as in cars, boats and RVs. It comes with a host of features and modes such as RECOND and AGM.  It is also packed with different safety features such as reverse polarity protection and proofing against short circuits. Its value is further supplemented by its 5-year warranty. (NB -  Recond function should never be used on AGM Batteries)

Before we conclude our discussion with describing the charging steps of the MXS 7.0, let us have a quick look at the charger’s technical specifications. The charger offers 4 different charging voltages which are 13.6V, 14.4V, 14.7V and 15.8V. During regular charging, the maximum charging current is 7A. It operates in 8 step automatic charging cycles that do not require any further input from the user. They are ideal for use with 12V lead acid batteries and have a mode that supports charging of AGM batteries as well. The MXS 7.0 is capable of charging batteries ranging from 14Ah to 150Ah in terms of capacity. This range increases to 225Ah when the charging is done for maintenance purposes. The charger has an IP65 rating which means that it is splash and dust resistant. Furthermore, it has a built-in temperature compensation mechanism which protects the battery from overheating.

The charging process of the MXS 7.0 comprises of the following 8 steps:

  • The first step performs desulphation. This is basically the process of removing any sulfate deposits on the plates of the battery. By doing so, it restores the charge holding capacity of the battery.
  • Once the desulphation is completed, the charger performs a soft start on the battery. The purpose of the soft start is to check if the battery is capable of accepting charge. If results are OK, then the charging process begins.
  • Initially, the charging is done in bulk. In other words, the maximum charging current is used for charging the battery until it reaches 80% of its full capacity.
  • Beyond the 80% charge level, the charging shifts to absorption. This implies a gradual decrease in charging current until the battery reaches 100% charge level.
  • Upon completion of the charging process, an analysis of the battery’s charge holding capacity is done. If it is deemed that the battery cannot hold a charge, then it is best to replace the battery.