The Renewable Energy Industry

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30th Apr, 2020

We have asked some of our stakeholders for comment and have compiled a brief review on what’s shaping up in this exciting industry.


The renewable energy industry is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries as governments, businesses, and private individuals are realising the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the earth’s precious resources.


Enertec Batteries (Pty Ltd is proud to be a part of this vital industry, providing our valued customers with high-quality batteries, battery chargers, testing equipment, and ancillary products. Not only do we continuously research better battery technology, but we also ensure that we practice environmentally-responsible recycling.


So, what exactly is renewable energy, and what does the future hold in terms of batteries and their host of applications?


Well, generally speaking, renewable energy involves using various energy sources that can be continuously replenished in nature. This includes sources such as the wind, the sun, plants, water and even the Earth’s own heat energy.


This source of fuel is then converted into a form of energy that can be used by consumers (eg. electricity, chemical power, mechanical power, or heat).


The renewable energy industry is at the forefront of research that constantly focuses on better and more appropriate renewable energy options. Over the past few decades, more attention has been paid to this emerging industry as the need for kinder energy solutions for our environment has become necessary.


One of the most crucial factors influencing a country’s success and development is its energy and the way in which this energy is used. For example, without electricity, the country would not be able to go about its day-to-day business and would be unable to become financially successful. In the case of a developing country such as India, the need for electricity has grown exponentially over the past two decades and this is due to large population growth, as well as its development in various industries.


Because economies in developing countries are growing rapidly, so too does their need for a reliable energy source grow. Traditionally, electricity would be generated from sources such as coal. However, coal-based power generation has resulted in obvious (and sometimes irreversible) damage to the surrounding environment. In addition, it increases the emission of harmful greenhouse gases which has been partly responsible for the climate change we are currently experiencing.


The good news is that renewable energy is kind to our natural environment since it harnesses energy in a responsible and sustainable way and mitigates the negative impact that fossil fuels have had on the earth.


Renewable energy is therefore definitely here to stay and will become an even larger and more important industry in the coming years.


Companies such as Enertec Batteries (Pty) Ltd are continuously conducting research to ensure that the batteries of the future will be better and more efficient. This means that the batteries used in mobile phones, electric cars, data centers, and more will be more streamlined, safer, and long-lasting than their predecessors.


They will also be easier to charge, less expensive to manufacture, and much denser. Simply take a look at our current product range and you will notice that our batteries, chargers, and ancillary products give you a taste of what is to come!