The Zinkwazi Boat Show

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13th Jun, 2019

The Zinkwazi fishing competition, was held at the Zinkwazi Ski boat club on the 25 th and 26 May 2019. The Zinkwazi Interclub invites anglers from around the country, but the registration and prize giving days normally feature live music, dancing and good food, so this is one the whole family enjoy together.

The main sponsor for the competition was Enertec batteries who gave out some amazing prizes amongst others from various other sponsors.

Enertec, Ctek and Discover were the three main brands on display. Enertec batteries had 3 stands with displays of a wide variety of products that are offered. Four people that were manning the stands offered a great amount of knowledge on products and maintenance of batteries etc.

There were 21 boats with 3 to 4 members per boat. The Anglers came from far and wide to join this exciting weekend.

The Introduction to the Competition was held on Friday evening with an amazing turnout of ±200 people.

Saturday morning began at 5am where the teams gathered for the launch of the first day with a beautiful sunrise. The Enertec and Discover teams were ready and set up with their live display and various renowned products for all to see.

Once the launch was complete the activities began. Spectators had the opportunity to enjoy the evening with music and a bar.

The afternoon commenced with the boats arriving in from their first day of fishing. The atmosphere was great as the excitement grew for spectators as they were interested to see what had been caught by the anglers. A Couta fish known as the King Mackerel was caught on Saturday weighing in at 28.5kg.

The evening was then filled with a great dinner and socialising following the break down for the last day of the competition. Sunday morning commenced with the second round of the competition. The boats had to finish earlier as there was a final weigh in as well as a prize giving to take place that afternoon.