Tubular Batteries

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10th Oct, 2020

In this age of rapid technological advancement, batteries are changing and evolving. New features and construction methods are developed in order to improve their functionality.  One such evolution is the tubular plate batteries. Many dealers are curious about its features and how they can convey them to their customer base. Enertec realises the importance of these queries. Using the DISCOVER SOPzS (flooded) tubular plate batteries as reference, we would explain their qualities and potential applications.

One of the key features of DISCOVER tubular plate batteries is their longer lifespan. This stems from their design. The tubular positive plates seal the active material of the battery in non-woven gauntlets. This protects the battery from plate shedding and leads to the highest possible expected life among different lead acid battery variants. Furthermore, the tubular plates possess high energy density. When combined with lead calcium alloy, it reduces self-discharge and optimises float charging. As a result, one can expect longer service from the battery.

A battery, especially for critical applications, needs to have a high degree of reliability with top of the line performance. DISCOVER tubular plate batteries make use of sliding pole terminals which allow for increase in load throughout the battery’s lifetime. The use of durable construction materials, such as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN), ensures that the battery can continue to operate normally even after physical blows and exposure to high temperature.

Maintenance is a cornerstone of battery’s well-being. The 2 variants of tubular plates batteries offered by DISCOVER vary in that regard. The SOPzS tubular plates batteries are flooded in nature which means that their electrolyte level would need to be monitored. However, their design is such that they do not require frequent top-ups of electrolyte. Furthermore, the tubes are transparent which makes it easy to monitor the electrolyte levels.

Safety is highly important when it comes to batteries. We have already highlighted the rugged nature of DISCOVER tubular plate batteries which makes them safe for use even in harsh conditions. DISCOVER goes the extra mile by ensuring the necessary safety certifications which make them suitable for a wide range of applications. For instance, the IEC 61427 test confirms that DISCOVER tubular batteries are suitable for use in solar power systems. There are many other similar international certifications that promise to deliver safe use of the battery.

In light of the above discussed features, DISCOVER tubular plate batteries excel a wide variety of roles. Generally, they are a great option for creating large power systems. That is why their use is highly recommended when creating a solar backup power system or an off-grid power solution. Furthermore, they are also viable for use in the telecom sector and large power networks such as traffic lights and signaling.