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The Enertec Megatank GEH Series All-in-one ESS Installation Video


The Megatank GEH Series All-in-one ESS (Energy Storage System) is a type of energy storage solution that combines multiple functions into a single system. It is designed to provide reliable and efficient energy storage for residential and commercial applications.

Installation Guide:
1. Install the slave battery module 
1.1 Prepare wall mounting tools and accessories required.
1.2 locate the wall studs in the desired location and align it. Connect with the bracket, fix the wall-mounding bracket on the wall.
1.3 Set the bottom slave GL48100C battery address to 0100 (OFF-ON-OFF-OFF). Connect the positive cable  to + bus bar and the negative cable to - bus bar.

2. Install the master battery module
2.1 Install master battery module on the slave battery. Fix the wall-mounting bracket on the wall. 
2.2 Set the top master battery GL48100C address to 1000 (ON-OFF-OFF-OFF). Connect the communication cable from the slave battery (RS485-1) to the master battery (RS485-1). Connect the wake up cable from the slave battery wake up port to the master battery wake up port. 

3. Install the power-module
3.1 Mark the 2 mounting-hole positions. Use a hammer-drill to drill two holes. Install the power module wall-mounting bracket to the wall. 
3.2 Install the power module on the top of the master battery. 
3.3 Connect the slave battery positive cable to bus bar (+), the negative cable to bus bar (-); connect the positive cable from bus bar to the master battery positive port (orange), negative cable to negative port (black);
Connect G2-BMS-INV-COM cable to CAN port;
Connect G2-BMS-EMS-COM cable to RS485-2 port;
Connect the battery wake up 2 out 1 in wire to power module wake up. 
3.4 Connect the short ground cable from the slave battery to the master battery; Connect the long ground cable from the master battery to the power module. 

4. Install the cover of system
4.1 Open the cartoon-box, take covers out.
4.2 Install the bottom cover to the slave battery.
4.3 Connect the bottom cover wire and power module wire to the LED. 
4.4 Install middle cover and top cover to the whole system. 
4.5 Use the clip to fix the cover on the back side. 

5. Test the system 
5.1 Make sure all cables are tightly connected. Battery switch is at the back of the module. Take 2 battery modules switch as on, then turn power module on. 
5.2 If everything is connect properly the LED light will be on and all dates are normal 

6. The external wiring diagram 
6.1 Before connecting PV and EPS, make sure all switches are OFF. Connect the PV and EPS. 
6.2 Once PV is installed properly, turn PV switch on. 

7.1 Open the GT WIFI router package, connect to the power. Use plug adaptor if in need. 
7.2 Connect GT WIFI router WAN port to the local WAN/LAN port.


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