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Benefits Of Partnering With Enertec Energy

In-house technical division

Enertec Energy has qualified in-house technical professionals to assess, evaluate and give sound technical advice on inverter, UPS and solar storage backup systems.

After-sales support

Enertec Energy has a hands on remote accessed technical support capability for most inverter systems. Allowing quick and easy access to solve any technical problems once installed.

Exclusive contractual supply agreements with all suppliers

Enertec has successfully negotiated exclusive supply agreements with all suppliers nationally and internationally, confirming continuity of supply and full support.

Centralised distribution center

Enertec has its own centralised distribution center stocking all bulk inventory for easy disbursement around the country.

Internal & external sales team

Enertec has a capable, professional team of qualified and experienced internal and external sales assistants.

Full logistical support

Enertec through its wholly owned distribution center, as well as its fourteen outlets country wide in all major cities, comprising sales offices, and eight warehouses, can offer efficient logistical support.


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